Center of Nanotechnology

Conferences and Workshops

CNT has organized an International conference under the title:
“The International Conference on Nanotechnology: Opportunities and Challenges” 17-19 June 2008. (ICON008).


In this conference

• Around 30 international invited speakers from deferent countries.
• More than 1000 participants from inside and outside Saudi Arabia.
• The conference was one of the biggest international scientific events in 2008 according to several sources (International experts, media, institutions, etc).
• The papers submitted to this conference were evaluated and published in three international Journals, these are:

-International Journal of Nanoparticles.
- International Journal of Nano and Biomaterials.
- International Journal of Nanomanufacturing.


Organizing a workshop:

A pre-conference workshop was organized by the center for three days. The center has invited 12 international experts in the field of nanotechnology to deliver talks for more than 200 participants from deferent universities in Saudi Arabia.










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